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    Are you looking for Phocus business intelligence software? Or Phocas?

    Has anyone ever spelled your name incorrectly? 

    Phocas: It doesn't look hard to spell but it actually is. If you're a Kristy, you're probably used to being referred to as Christie, Christy or Kristie. If you're a Catherine, perhaps you've been mistaken for Katherine, Kathryn or Cathryn? If so, we know how you feel.

    Here at Phocas, Google Analytics and AdWords tells us that there are hundreds of people finding our site through Phocus related keywords on search engines. ‘Phocus’, ‘phocus bi’ and ‘phocus crm’ are just some of the keywords people type in when they visit our site. For those who are not sure of our correct spelling or how to pronounce our name, the below may assist:

    Phocas   (fo-cus)

    A leading business intelligence software tool used by businesses across numerous industries and sizes around the globe .


    The question is: how many referrals are we missing out on due to people getting our name wrong? How long is a piece of string? Sometimes we don’t know what we’re missing out on until we’ve put in a place a solution that tells us the answers.

    While hundreds of people evidently get our name wrong, it’s important to not make the same mistake in your business.

    Many of our customers have told us that using Phocus, I mean Phocas has given them a greater visibility into their company and allowed them to uncover new sales opportunities, improve business productivity and retain their customers.

    Without Phocas, our customers state they would be missing out on sales opportunities hidden deep in ERP systems or tools which require a technical background to access. They would be hiring experts to extract data instead of having a self-service user driven system. They would also be missing out on key customer information which they can use to learn more about their clients and improve their relationships.

    Spelling a name wrong is one thing but with Phocas, you've got a tool in place to get things right.

    Has your name ever been spelled wrong by others? What about your business? Tell us on Twitter @PhocasSoftware.




    Written by Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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