MYOB + Phocas

Business intelligence for MYOB

MYOB + Phocas for finance and accounts

  • profit and loss, balance sheet analysis on the fly and reports
  • accounts receivable and payable analysis
  • cash flow data
  • expenses breakdown by branch / employee
  • transactions by branch / customer.

MYOB + Phocas for sales

  • lines that are selling and those that aren’t
  • sales-representative and budget analysis
  • targeted promotions
  • potential customers for new products
  • new customers for your best margin-earning products
  • where sales are slipping
  • monitored targets for volume, value, margin, sales rep, branch, customer and product.

MYOB + Phocas for inventory and purchasing

  • slow-moving stock
  • supplier discounts
  • warehousing requirements
  • inventory investment at-hand
  • lower inventory values
  • purchase-to-sales ratios
  • inventory value and quantity on-hand across all warehouses
  • open / historical / future / outstanding sales orders.

Please note: functions may vary depending on functionality of MYOB application.