Data analytics helps F.D. Lawrence get a better vision of the challenges

The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company

Established in 1904, The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company is a premier distributor of electrical distribution, automation, and lighting equipment. By combining high-quality products from top manufacturers, F.D. Lawrence offers cost-saving design assistance while leveraging new and energy-saving technology.

Daron Brown is the business analyst at F.D. Lawrence Electric Company.

F.D. Lawrence at a glance

Sector | Wholesale distribution
Industry | Electrical
Datasource | Epicor Eclipse
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Phocas key benefits for F.D. Lawrence


Real-time data

Gain access to vital sales information from the field to make proactive recommendations and draw on it during customer meetings.

Automated reporting

Present monthly and quarterly reports every day. Visualizations are easy to produce and understand, offering intuitive measures to get your point across.

Analysis accessible to all

Get your cross-functional teams more fluent in data analytics to do business smarter and drive sustainable outcomes.

New metrics to master inventory management eBook

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with inventory optimization. Quickly understand who is buying and what products they are buying with data analytics.


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