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LSC unlocks Epicor data and improves company-wide decision making



LSC is a thriving business with operations in each Australian state and a head office in North Melbourne with over 175+ employees nationwide. LSC has one of the largest ranges of hardware and security products in Australia & New Zealand including solutions from leading manufacturers such as ABUS, Silca, Dahua, HID, dormakaba, SALTO & Lockwood.

Gordon Howell is the data engineer at LSC.

LSC at a glance
Sector: Wholesale distribution
Industry: Building and industrial
Datasource: Epicor
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Phocas key benefits for LSC

Flexible Instantly make data visual by choosing from a variety of charts and graphs that suit your needs, including pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, bubble charts, gauges, pareto charts, tables and waterfall charts.
Shareable The insights from your data are even more impactful when they’re shared with others. With visualizations that are easy to build on your own, and even easier to share, you can embed them in a dashboard or scorecard, show them to others within Phocas, send via email and more.
All your data together Gain a more informed understanding of your business by pulling data together from key systems such as ERP, CRM, website and phone data into one holistic view you can easily comprehend.

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