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Prochem stays ahead of the game with data analytics



Prochem delivers quality stainless-steel pipe, fittings and valving products to the gas, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors across the Asia Pacific. The company uses data analytics to drive efficiencies and stay competitive. The steel distributor started using Phocas to identify low margin sales automatically. Now, the BI software underpins many smarter ways of working for Prochem such as streamlining the purchasing and stock functions.

Shane Angel is the management accountant at Prochem.

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Industry | Plumbing and HVAC
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Phocas key benefits for Prochem

Stock optimization Phocas provides a blended, joined view, of product, market, budget data to create a seamless sales and business intelligence experience.
Data-powered conversations Impress customers with a deep understanding of all their key numbers. Make customer meetings more productive and use data to help drive their success.
Maximized savings Phocas measures labor, overheads and materials to accurately analyze data, reduce costs and improve business and sales efficiencies.

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