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    Living in a BI revolution

    In the words of digital marketing expert Mark Egan, “it’s life 2.0". We wake up in the morning and check our Twitter feed, get home at night and respond to our Facebook messages and interact with technology at all opportunities in between.

    So what does this new world mean for business – especially for busy executives or sales managers trying to stay ahead of the game?

    Well it’s time to adapt and embrace the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    Business intelligence (BI) software is revolutionary for businesses in every sense of the word. It drives decision making, unleashes and simplifies data in a way never seen before and will continue to evolve in the future.

    BI was once something only large organizations with deep, deep pockets and an IT team to match could have. Today, with products like Phocas, each and every organization can access their data via easy to read dashboards that enables every single person in an organization to drill deeper into the data. This provides unprecedented insights into the business and aids decision making as well as creating clear deliverable actions – no more basing decisions on gut-feels or hunches.

    So what are some of the ways BI has revolutionized business?

    • fast, accurate decision making (for technical and non-technical people)
    • clear insights into consumer/supplier behavior
    • improved visibility (one view of the truth)
    • ability to turn your data into actionable tasks
    • better efficiency across the entire organization
    • generate product and sales reports fast, without any need for IT 
    • prevent customer leakage through an analysis of purchase, aftersales, repurchase information.
    To learn more about business intelligence, take a look at the BARC user survey. BARC compiled the world's largest BI software review with over 3,000 users of 35 BI companies. To download the BARC report, click here or on the button below. 
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