Phocas has nearly 20 years of experience helping businesses in retail, distribution and manufacturing achieve and maintain success. In these three videos, see how Phocas helps you draw value from your company data.

Video 1 - Phocas Demo

The Phocas Demo video was created to provide you with an overview of how Phocas BI can benefit your company.  In the video below, you will learn how customizable dashboards reveal a real-time snapshot of your business performance.  You will see how to drill down into your underlying data to get to the source of a problem, or uncover new opportunities.  You will learn how to monitor your sales teams’ collective performance and then drill down into your individual sales reps’ results. 

The below video demonstrates how to use Phocas to analyze complementary products in your business to uncover cross-selling opportunities, see current stock levels, evaluate supplier performance, and more.  Watch the four minute video below.



Video 2 - Phocas Rebates

Traditionally, rebate programs are complex to set up and difficult to track. Phocas Rebates provides additional support to our customers. Distributors worry they haven’t captured all the rebate money they should have while manufacturers want to ensure they pay out the correct amount.

In the below video, see how Phocas Rebates allows you to add visibility, accuracy, and efficiency to your rebate programs. Learn how a dashboard can be used to provide a snapshot of specific KPIs, rebate margins and the rebate rules that create the totals. You will see how you can analyze performance of rebates by customer, the margins before and after a rebate, how rebates are split by product group, and more. Watch the video below.

Wistia video thumbnail - Phocas Rebates - Quick Demo

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Video 3 - Financial Statements

Phocas created the Financial Statement solution to enable companies to better analyze their financial data. The solution was developed in compliance with International Accounting Practices (IAS1), and you can be assured you are using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for Australia, the UK, and US.

In the videos, you'll see how Financial Statements provides an on-the-fly analysis for quick answers, and how to drill deeper into your individual statements. You can slice and dice by region, current vs. previous vs. budgets, and the information can be presented in your currency of choice. Learn how analyzing your cash flow statement will reveal reasons for cash flow reduction. Financial Statements was born out of Phocas’ own need for this type of analysis, and was developed to be used by anyone wanting more out of their financial statements.  Watch the series of videos below for more. 


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