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    Kerridge Commercial Systems and Phocas Software join forces to enable distributive trades to feel good about data

    Industry leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), and leading analytics software provider, Phocas Software, today signed a global partnership agreement that will enable KCS customers to elevate data held in their KCS systems.

    Phocas data analytics software integrates with Kerridge Commercial Systems’ ERP, trading and business management solutions, making it easier for wholesale, distribution, merchant and retail businesses to access, analyse, report and share information held in their systems.   

    This will be of enormous value to Kerridge Commercial Systems’ customers as they will gain access to user-friendly data insights for improved visibility and decision making, providing a competitive edge. 

    The global partnership runs across all KCS systems including K8, One Office, Global, Datawright, LV / LM, EDP, MAM, AGP,  inspHire, Current RMS, Integrity, IQ Retail, Nav and Smart Distributor. 

    The growing market demand for data insights and analytics confirmed the decision of this global unionPhocas' ability to offer companywide analytics to the everyday user, across all teams, from finance to sales, is what drew KCS to the partnershipBoth KCS and Phocas share 200 customers across the UK, South Africa, Europe and the USA, which means that the combination of both systems adds enormous value to the joint group of customers. This value add is important to both software providers and helped seal the deal 

    The global partnership will build on a track record of high customer satisfaction, bringing KCS and Phocas teams together to deliver advanced data integrations and industry specific content to all KCS customers. 

    We are really excited about the partnership with Phocas. The easy integration to all our solutions, across industries, all over the globe, will be invaluable to our customers. It’s been a tough year for most and these kinds of solutions that provide greater business insights, will just grow in importance, helping businesses to get that competitive edge and streamline processes,” said Des Nangle, President of Business Development for Kerridge Commercial Systems. 

    Phocas and Kerridge Commercial Systems both have down-to-earth and customer-centric cultures, this sets us up nicely to deliver customers the best and easiest to use solutions for the everyday user wanting to know exactly what’s going on in their business. Our new data solutions for finance and management teams appeal to customers seeking modern, integrated reporting and analytics, said Rick Toepfer, Head of Global Partnerships at Phocas. 

    Phocas’ core Analytics offering which typically feeds off ERP systems, combined with new offerings including Financial Statements, Budgeting & Forecasting and Rebates was a real attraction. Both companies have 20+ years' experience working with customers in wholesale, distribution, merchant and retail. 

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    Written by Phocas Software
    We make people feel good about data
    We make people feel good about data

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