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Ambu achieves healthy results with Phocas business intelligence

Ambu uncovers new sales opportunities and gets more out of their existing data by using Phocas data analytics

Ambu develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and rescue services.
Formed in 1937, the company distributes to 77 countries and sells directly to 12 regions including the UK, US and Australia.

Client Ambu Distributors
Industry Health and scientific
HQ Location

Ballerup, DK

ERP System Concord

Phocas transformed the daily operations

Monica Macknish, Head of Customer Services, explains how Phocas has transformed the running of the daily operations of Ambu UK. 

Phocas is just a great piece of software, I would not want to be without it. We have an industry-leading ERP system, but we needed a simple user interface, fast access to trusted data and a logical, intuitive way of interrogating information.” 

Similar to many sales teams that benefit from Phocas, the users were not particularly IT literate, but needed to be self sufficient in order to maximise on their time with customers and identify additional sales opportunities.

Phocas helped us to produce ‘Quickstarts’, so that we could literally log in to Phocas and the highlights that we wanted to track would be there with the simple drill through and advanced search facility for further detail,“ said Macknish. 

Threats and opportunities clearly visible

During the implementation, Ambu were also able to identify anomalies in the ERP system, that had not been recognised before, which further improved data integrity for the organisation and so Phocas was 100% trusted from the beginning.

“Our monthly reporting and account auditing used to take us a week; with Phocas it is now a matter of minutes,” enthused Macknish.

Keith McCallum, Ambu Managing Director, comments:

“Phocas is used as a presentation tool for both internal and customer meetings. It is invaluable to have complete transparency and instant access to the same trusted figures. For the first time we can see exactly where we are, what we have achieved and what we can forecast going forward. The sales team’s strategy is now defined by the information that we take from Phocas at our monthly meetings. Having all threats and opportunities clearly visible, enables us to be a lot more pro-active and focussed in our approach.”

  • Meaningful results enhanced by visuals (pie charts, bar graphs, heat maps)
  • Follows user’s own thought process to query effectively
  • Defines strategies by the information discovered
  • Threats and opportunities clearly visible

A complete and holistic view

Phocas could also demonstrate their unique capabilities for the medical devices sector by integrating weekly PASA data with sales data from their ERP systems to give Ambu a complete and holistic view of sales, for the first time.

Robin Mepham, Phocas Sales Manager, with over 10 years experience working within the Healthcare sector comments:

“It has always been a frustration for organisations to be able to view sales data alongside 3rd party data, such as that supplied by PASA. The ease with which Phocas achieve this gives Ambu a significant advantage.”

To summarise, both Macknish and McCallum agree that Phocas has delivered huge value for Ambu throughout the organisation. From logistics to customer services, finance to of course the sales team.

“The value of trusted data, the simplicity and speed of accessing information and the cost savings we have made through using Phocas is substantial,” said Keith.

  • Trusted data accessible and visible from anywhere
  • Results displayed with simplicity
  • Speedy access to information
  • Substantial cost savings