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    Data is the new ingredient at Everest Ice Cream

    Perfecting the next flavour sensation is part of the day-to-day operations at Everest Ice Cream. However to carry out continual improvement and gain efficiencies – Everest sought some extra assistance – in data analytics.The management team turned to the Phocas’ data analytics solution to help them track sales, pinpoint poor performing products and reduce waste. While it is still early days of its data transformation project, Everest is already developing new use cases for data.

    Using data daily is a cultural change

    While some of the staff has a background in data, using data in every-day decision-making is a significant change for most people at Everest Ice Cream.

    Everest is transforming from a traditional 60-year-old ice cream business to a data-driven ice cream manufacturer. The company is building new ways of working. The language around the place is changing, and there is a lot of positivity.

    “Putting our data into Phocas has been useful for setting our future strategy and for sales and planning."

    Enza Ferro, business analyst at Everest.


    To change its business, Everest has to get the balance right, so it knows where the sales are coming from and then be able to direct the right resources into people, equipment and processes.

    Better reporting and a simple to use data analytics solution was needed

    “We needed a data analytics solution that is simple to use and easy to create reports. We want to extract the data live and not wait for close-off so the sales team can access user-friendly reports. We can now pull the data out quickly and have different dimensions and properties that we can slice and dice according to a query or need,” said Enza.

    There is a cultural change happening in the sales team, who now sell armed with data and insights. When they talk to customers, they easily pass on key metrics such as last quarter’s top 10 products, which helps the customers make smart selections or better understand where to make changes.

    “Phocas data analytics tells us what's happening right now with the business, which we can then compare against budget,” said Enza.


    Data analytics helps the team have more visibility into sales

    “People are learning to create their reports. Many are analysing the top-selling products and what effect the pandemic has had on them. Segmentation on different categories is also beneficial, and the data helps to assess and review poor performing lines,” explained Enza.

    She added, “We want everyone to have the time to analyse data and carry out predictive planning. We want to get to the point where we have just one platform for all our data,” said Enza.

    For more information on using business intelligence software to create easy to use reports and dashboards, watch this webinar at your convenience. 

    Written by Katrina Walter
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.

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