[Video] Watch Phocas customers on camera

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[Video] Watch Phocas customers on camera

When we talk to customers around the world about what they like about using Phocas, similar words come rolling out. Lucky for us, and our users, they’re not the things you might typically associate with business intelligence and data analysis initiatives.

But don’t take it from me. Let our customers tell you how they use data every day at work.

Aussie customers in Sydney

American customers in Chicago

British customers in Birmingham

Did you hear it?

At first, I thought it was a myth that Phocas customers use the word ‘LOVE’ a lot when speaking about our software. But after getting out there with a video camera, it was true.

Here’s a customer base that debunks the misconceptions typically associated with business intelligence: being complex; producing inaccurate spreadsheets and report queues; being restricted to IT and business analysts or Excel power users, and ending up not fulfilling the real business requirements.

These are the seven common things we hear when we talk to customers about Phocas in action at their manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail businesses. Phocas is a data analytics tool that:

  1. you’ll use every day
  2. is easy to use
  3. reveals sales opportunities
  4. saves you time
  5. gets results
  6. makes your life easier
  7. YOU might fall in LOVE with.

Do you want to see what the fuss is about?

Contact us for a free 20 minute demonstration of Phocas. We will show you how you can gain a better visibility into your business and use your data to increase sales.

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Written by Ange Kent
Ange Kent

Ange Kent is the CMO of Phocas. She has 20+ years’ experience in strategy, marketing, public relations and communications in the tech sector. Ange is passionate about building global marketing teams with a highly motivating and constructive cultures that support high growth SaaS businesses. Ange loves working with product development and executive teams to drive the strategic direction of the business and loves Phocas software because it’s exciting and it transforms how people do business.

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